The capacity in the conference rooms with different table settings, as well as the prices:

All prices in DKK and do not include VAT 25% (valid for 2021).

During corona, we naturally take a wide range of precautions so that you can safely use our meeting and conference facilities.
You can read more about the precautions here.

When you book your premises, we make sure that your meeting follows the distance requirements and the m2 requirements.
It also means that during corona there is room for fewer people in our facilities than usual.

Room M2 Max number of people
due to corona restrictions
Seating arrangement Min. Packages Half-day price  Full day price
K1 160 60 School desk 40 5.500 9.300
K2 90 30 School desk 20 3.000 5.000
K3 90 30 School desk 20 2.700 4.500
K10 50 16 U-shape 10 2.200 3.500
Event café 120 25 Café tables 3.500 6.000
Big Atrium 400 400 12.000

Capacity in meeting rooms, possible table layouts and price:

All prices in DKK and do not include VAT 25% (valid from 2021).

Room M2 Cinema Classroom U-shape Meeting table Min. Packages Price/hour Full day price
M5 48 16 16 10 230
M6 48 16 16 10 230
M7 25 8 8 180
M8 25 8 8 180
M9 48 10 10 230
M11 7 4 180

Equipment in the room

All rooms are equipped with free wi-fi, a whiteboard and projector.
However, room M11 and M12 do not have a projector.
All of our conference rooms have air conditioner and sound systems – and our plenum room K1 also has a sound system with microphone.

Meeting packages

We have a number of meeting packages that suit any type of meeting. With a meeting package, you will get meals and refreshments for your meeting and pay per participant.

Remember: You and your guests have free parking at Symbion Conference Center’s own parking lot.